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Dr. Thomas Fletcher Grooms, Father of Market Intelligence, discovered the term market intelligence and wrote the first peer reviewed study in the world on market Intelligence giving it life as its own distinguished concept.

Mission is to advance new ideas and promote enduring knowledge in a scholarly forum for the business, government and academic community in which outstanding thinkers and scholars are encouraged to continuous learning in a worldwide sharing of scholarly analyses on the understanding and value of market intelligence.

Purpose of providing research and pragmatic solutions is to enable organizations to better manage the quality of intelligence. Grooms contribution to Market Intelligence includes the Market Intelligence Model, Double Helix of Market Intelligence, and the application of the Market Intelligence Principle. Market Intelligence is the leading concept, focusing on performance improvement, operational excellence, and quality of intelligence.

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Official Definition of Market Intelligence™


The Official Definition of Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence (MKI) is gathered through internal analysis, competition analysis, and market analysis about the total environment forming a broad spectrum of assembled knowledge, which is then used for developing scenarios so that timely reporting of vital foreknowledge for future planning in the areas of strategic, tactical, and counter-intelligence decision-making can be applied operationally and strategically in respect to the whole organization’s strategic interest for the whole market. (Grooms, 1998)

The structure of the Model of Market Intelligence is a double helix that can usurp to make copies of itself in other dimensions and realities to reveal an ever infinity of knowledge and forecasts. The Market Intelligence Model provides a missing linage present in organizations at the highest levels. The model gives reassurance to help ensure a broad scope of checks and balances protecting the CEO, senior executives, and government senior officials as well as the organization, its value and performance. Market Intelligence is what makes intelligence, intelligence. (Grooms, 1998)










Intelligence Terminology

The Official Definition of Market Intelligence (MKI), Intelligence (I), Political Intelligence (POLI), Military Intelligence (MI), Business Intelligence (BI), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), Marketing Research (MKTR), Marketing Information Systems (MKTIS), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Competitor Intelligence (CRI), Marketing Intelligence (MKTI), Strategic Intelligence (SI), Tactical Intelligence (TI), Counter-intelligence (CTI), Real-time Intelligence (RTI), and Whisper Intelligence (WI) click on the blue to learn from the first peer reviewed study in the world on market intelligence.

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A Chronometry from Around the World on the State of the World

Digital Keyhole
October 2016

The following presentation was given at the October DABE (Dallas Association Business Economist) meeting of which I am a member. This economic information is usually posted under ‘Foretell Economics’ section of this website. Due to its relationship to these brilliant political analysis of Brexit articles appearing next, it is being published here.

Brexit Economic Impact US contributor Mark A. Wynne – Vice President & Associate Director of Research for International Economics Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.




Brilliant political analysis of Brexit and the future of England …




Brexit: The Silly Season Is Over … or … Where Does That Leave Brexit … Part 4

Brexit means Brexit … Part 3

UK contributors Peter N C Cooke, Emeritus Professor University of Buckingham and Anita Hagen, MBA, ADipC – International Consultant, Switzerland.

Brexit Is Reality Coming Home to Roost … Part 2

Brexit A Boil Lanced … Part 1 UK contributor Peter N C Cooke, Emeritus Professor University of Buckingham. His next article will review the global implications of Brexit.

Venn Diagram










UK contributor Peter N C Cooke, Emeritus Professor University of Buckingham, other writings …

New Political Movements Emerging in Europe

A Letter to My Grandson

Syria, Refugees & Immigrants; Some Unintended Consequences

An Asymmetrical Global War

United Kingdom Economy…Defence…Energy…Politics

Peace in Our Time – It’s not that Simple

Multinational Marketing Intelligence An Information Requirements Model Israel contributor Dr Eugene D Jaffe, Emeritus Professor Bar-Ilan University Graduate School of Business, Wharton Ph.D., B.S. (Econ) and M.B.A. (IB) New York University, Conference Chairperson for the 24th Annual European International Business Academy.

Market Entry Options USA contributors Dr James D Goodnow, Indiana Ph.D. and M.B.A. (IB), Emeritus Professor Bradley University and Dr Jason Hegland, Emeritus Professor Stanford University, JIBS Decade Award Article.

Overseas Market Entry Strategies USA contributors Dr James D Goodnow, Indiana Ph.D. and M.B.A. (IB), Emeritus Professor Bradley University and Dr James E Hansz, Professor Columbia University, JIBS Decade Award Article.




Count on 2017 marking the beginning of the greatest living and market changes in history since 1929-1939. To prepare for this occasion, I have a new book coming out. Look for my new book to hit the shelves in November.

I could not have picked a better time for this book to be released. It is coming out at the height of the greatest impacts in modern history of the conditions in which we now live.

The origin and history of market intelligence is explained in my book. The official work written by The Father of Market Intelligence.

You will go WOW … this is not what I expected. And more surprises … tfg



Presidents of Countries. Required reading for all Presidents.

Presidents of Corporations. Required reading for all Presidents of Corporations.

CEOs of Corporations. Required reading for all CEOs.

Governments. Managing Heads-of-States, Ministers, Diplomats, Attaché, Consuls, Secretary, Directors, Officials, Administrators, Crime Investigators, Police Officers.

Business. Must read for all Business Executives, the Family Business, the Entrepreneurs building an empire, rising Stars of Commerce, Administrators, Managers, Heads of Organizations.

Intelligence Community. Those in the Intelligence Community will benefit greatly having a refresher and reference book for proper terminology. As a learning tool, many will find this informative book as career support for all members of the Intelligence Agency, Director of Intelligence, Intelligence Officer, Intelligence Agents.

Military. All Command and Control Centers will utilize this book for understanding the different types of market intelligence. Demand read for all Military Academies, War Colleges, Intelligence Units, Military Intelligence,

Education. Teachers and instructors of Intelligence Courses and Marketing will want to make this a must read for their students. Including professors of Government Intelligence Analyst Training, Law Enforcement Academy, Economics. High school teachers of Political Science, Government, Civics, Economics, Marketing, Social Sciences, History, Geography, Sociology, Foreign Languages.

Students. Those who inspire to be an Intelligent Analyst will find this book of necessity and their most valuable reference and companion book to prepare for a Careers in the Intelligence Professions. This includes students in Intelligence Training, Intelligence Agency, Military Academy, War Colleges, Officer Candidate Schools, Law Enforcement, Diplomatic Corps. Students with college majors in Marketing, Management, Leadership, Intelligence, National Security, International Affairs, Computer Science, Marketing Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, Communications, Economics, Government, Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Psychology, Analytics, Forensic Science, Physics, Statistics, Engineering, Robotics, Software Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Finance, Medical Sciences, Law.

General Audience. This book is written to appeal additionally to general reading audiences of curiosity and those who are interested in learning about intelligence and specifically market intelligence. Enlightening, Entertaining, Informative.

Health Habits for Longevity™


Secret of Longevity is the old basic ways of life in the daily business of living. A feeling of timeless congeniality. Insights into the mysteries of longevity help us all live in a better world. – Thomas Fletcher Grooms

Walk in the Park


October 2016



Pesticide Effects on Longevity USA contributor Dr Jacqueline Grooms, DC – owner of Nutri4m and Executive Director at HealthLink Initiative.

Pesticide Effects On Longevity

Chemicals and Longevity Part 2

Chemicals and Longevity Part 1

The D in Longevity

Longevity Takes a Stand

Exercise for Longevity

The Four Factors of Longevity

Foretell Economics™


Coverage of Economic Policy, Finance, Banking, and Monetary Policy



October 2016

Texas Metropolitan Areas US contributor Dr Mike Carroll of the Economic Research Group.




Money and Inflation USA contributor Neil Krieger, Senior Economist will publish a quarterly newsletter in the months of January (1-3), April (4-6), July (7-9), October (10-12).


Special Awards and Recognition Presented to Market Prognosticator Dr TFGrooms

DABE (Dallas Association of Business Economists) 3 Awards for 2015 Economic Forecasts

2010 (1 Award), 2011 (1 Award), 2012 (1 Award), 2013 (2 Awards), 2014 (Officer), 2015 (3 Awards) for Economic Forecasts received from DABE (Dallas Association for Business Economics)


QE (Quantitative Easing) stimulus only goes to Banks and Financial Institutions for Lending to creates a False Recovery and Debt for people and to support politicians and government in office to stay in office, not into the economy, not to help people, not to stimulate growth, not to increasing the standard of living for people.

2008 since over 650 interest rate cuts worldwide by central bankers to delay deflation and the depression cycle that started in 1971 (2016 = 45 years).

2008 since over $12 trillion in QEs in US to delay deflation and the Depression Cycle that started in 1971 (2016 = 45 years).

Monetary Theory and Practice … Currency devaluation is now inflating the price of our own dollars. So, we have currency devaluation through artificial inflation. The creation of inflation occurs when paper money nears zero in purchasing power as the value of the U.S. dollar heads toward zero.

U.S. economy is rather papering over it with money printing, manipulated statistics and happy talk. Evidence and facts speak louder than headlines.

$1 Value







Result … there is no growth, there is no savings, there is debt for daily living expenses. Having a Surplus is better than having Debt.

Answer … be debt-free … be debt-free to protect yourself and family. Both in business and personal be debt-free. Be debt-free to be free.


“Underemployment is unemployment; part-time work is not a living; part-time pay is token pay.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms

World Markets

United States

$18 Trillion Economy … World’s Second Largest GNP (Gross National Product – total economy with exports and imports) Economy since 2014 … Largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product – only domestic economy) Economy since 2014

$19,573,444,713,936.79 Debt Increase ended the September 30th fiscal year. An increase of $1,422,827,047,452.46 over 2015 fiscal year. Debt increase is 7.5% of the entire US economy. And look at what the Taxpayer’s got for their money.

330+ million U.S. Population – 3rd Most Populated Country

1953 until 1961 Strongest Economy in the History of The United States during the period of Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower (34th President)

1963 US Economy Peaks

1963 Household Incomes Peaked

1% Rich (1% in 1963)

29% Well-off (19% in 1963)

20% Middle Class (60% in 1963)

50% Poor (20% in 1963)

1963-2016 Wealth Decline of 60% of People’s Net Worth

1963 Since … College Education has Gone Up 1,334% (due to increases in Administration Salary while Teacher pay has declined)

1963 Since … $1.1 trillion in Student Loans … Only 37% of Students can Pay … 50% of All College Graduates are Unemployed in 2016

50% of Jobs that Pay a Decent living Wage Requires a Master or Doctorate degree with the best paying jobs for graduates in science, technology, mathematics, engineering, space travel (35% of labor force hold a master (34%) or doctorate (1%) degree) *This percent is changing to 75% … the US is no longer, and not, a labor intensive economy

25% of Jobs Require a College degree (50% of labor force hold a college degree)

25% of Jobs Require a High School Diploma (50% of labor force hold a high school diploma)

3.28% per Annum Average Return in Stock Market since 1963

90% – 10% Loss of Stock Values or Savings or Portfolio Balance for 95% of Americans since 2008 with No Recovery Insight or Ever Possible

1971 August 15 USD No Longer Backed By Gold (US is last country to drop gold backed currency) Marker for Accelerated Increases in Money Supply Worldwide and

1971 Marks the Beginning of the End with accelerated Erosion of the Middle Class

1963-1971 Recession Cycle (8 years)

1971 Start of Depression Cycle – continuing Depression Cycle in 2016 (45 years) extended due to government debt accelerating the velocity of money

? Recovery Cycle (requires government exiting economy – interest rate is irrelevant and will have no effect whatever rate is set in the current condition as there is a broken disconnect between the interest rate and the economy)

1947-1963 Last Prosperity Cycle (16 years)

1942-1947 Last Recovery Cycle (5 years)

1929-1942 Previous Depression Cycle (13 years)

2010 March 23 Tuesday – 10:15a CST U.S. became a Socialist Country

TBD% (To Be Determined) Boomlets Generation Z support Socialism under 18 years of age and younger (born born between 2001 and 2016)

55% Millennial Generation Y support Socialism being 35 years of age and younger (born born between 1980 and 2001)

40% Generation X support Socialism being 36-51 years of age (born born between 1965 and 1980)

20% Bay Boomer Generation support Socialism being 52-70 years of age (born born between 1946 and 1965)

1% Silent Generation support Socialism being 71-87 years of age (born born between 1928 and 1946)

0.05% GI Generation support Socialism being 88-120 years of age (born born between 1900 and 1928)

100% (59% in 2007) Democrat Party (48% of votes) support Socialism and Bigger Government

100% Green Party (2% of votes) support Socialism and Bigger Government

50% Republican Party (10% of votes – 17% Prior to Attacking Trump) support Socialism and Bigger Government

  • Presidential Candidate Trump does not have and will not have the support of the Republican Party nor of the Democratic Party as they are one party, but will have the support and backing of the People of the United States

0% Tea Party (35% of votes) support Socialism and Bigger Government

0% Libertarian Party (5% of votes) support Socialism and Bigger Government

Socialism center sources of support from Obamacare, Public Schools, Ivy League Colleges, Political Correctness, Political Parties, Government Policies and Equality Agenda, Federal Department of Education, Foreign Relations Committee (FRC) for their guidance and direction, and the removal of capitalism and its side bars

2016 Government Revenues Flat

2016 Medicaid Spending Rose on Interest Payments, a health care program for the poor

12% Down Revenue from Corporate Taxes Due to Declining Business Profits

51% Ages 18-29 Support Socialism and Do Not Support Capitalism (mostly due to influence of Ivy League and public schools education)

42% Ages 18-29 Support Capitalism (mostly due to influence of private schools education)

7% Ages 18-29 Do Not Care … “so what” attitude

4.5% of the World’s People (330+ million)

25% of the World’s Incarcerated People (due to immigration)

50% of the World’s Trained Lawyers (due to protection needed from the government)

202 Lawyers in Congress (write laws to perpetuate their own livelihood in the legal system)

60% U.S. Economy Government (1963 20%)

40% U.S. Economy Business (1963 80%)

70% of Labor Force Employees in Services with $45,760 Average Income

16% of Labor Force Employees in Government with $100,000 Average Income

10% of Labor Force Employees in Manufacturing with $51,000 Average Income

4% of Labor Force Employees in Agriculture with $48,000 Average Income

165+ million Labor Force

75,900,000 Women in Labor Force (46%)

51,491,250+ million Women Unemployed Out-of-Work … (U-6) Actual Unemployment

30,360,000 Women Income Heads of Households (40% of Women in Labor Force)

89,100,000 Men in Labor Force (54%)

51,008,750+ million Men Unemployed Out-of-Work … (U-6) ACTUAL Unemployment

0.5% Productivity (each of the last 5 years)

71.9% GDP Fortune 500 Companies

21.1% GDP Medium Business

7% GDP Small Business

165 million in Labor Force

126 million Prime Work Age 25-55 in Labor Force

77.1 million Employed Full-time

46.98 million Employed Part-time

Jobs 38,000 (revised down to 11,000) New Jobs Created for 205,000 New Working Age in Work Force and 180,000 New Unemployed

Jobs since December 2014, the U.S. has added just under 450,000 Waiters and Bartenders, and No Manufacturing Workers

36% 18-to-34-year-old are Now Living with Their Parents (first time in history, living with parents has surpassed living with a spouse or partner)

25% Adults Will Never Get Married at Any Age (financial security and a steady job is not possible)

45% of US Population Say ‘No Thanks’ to Ever Getting Married Again (because of the economy)

-3.4% Federal Reserve Labor Market Conditions Index (LMCI)

62.7% (U-6) ACTUAL Unemployed of Labor Force – 103.5 million Out-of-Work … Actual Unemployment (no full employment – highest unemployment in history of U.S.)

10% (U-6) Unemployment in 2009 to 62.7% (U-6) in 2016

37.3% (U-6) Employed of Labor Force – 61.5 million Working

4.9%-5.0% (U-3) MISLEADING Unemployment Number Published to the Public Drawing Unemployment Compensation of Labor Force … False Unemployment (NO FULL employment since 2000)

2010 U-1, U-2, U-3, U-4, U-5, U-6 created to over-up the Actual Unemployment and True Economic Conditions (Obama administration created U-1 – U-6 scale to misinform actual unemployment with new definitions)

-1.5% Productivity Rate (due to low incomes and massive only part-time jobs)

2016 Firings of Employees continues …

1) HP Hewlett-Packard: 33,000

2) Wall Street: 10,000+

3) Wal-Mart: 16,000 + 7,000

4) National Oilwell Varco: 17,850

5) Cisco: 14,000

6) Schlumberger: 12,500

7) Intel: 12,000

8) Halliburton: 10,200

9) Dell: 10,000

10) Bank of America: 8,000

11) Chevron: 7,500

12) Buffets: 6,000

13) DuPont: 6,000

14) Weatherford International: 6,000

15) Well Fargo: 5,300

16) Ericsson: 3,000

17) Shell: 2,200

18) Microsoft: 2,000

2016 Store Closings …

450 stores Sports Authority

269 stores Walmart

100+ stores Macy

100+ stores JC Penney

100+ stores Target

100+ stores Sears

100+ stores Kohls

100+ stores Kmart

Employee firings are to promote Executive Bonus, profit is irrelevant

38% Rise in Prices since 2000

7%-75% Drop in Income across all classes of workers since 2000

5.2% Average Individual Savings Rate

-12% Retail Sales

0.2% Mining, which includes oil and gas exploration and production

6.2% Drop in 2016 Business Investments

25% Drop in 2016 Earnings for Department Stores

14% Drop in 2016 Earnings for Super Centers at Wal-Mart / Costco / Target

13.7% Drop in 2016 Earnings for Computers and Electronics

9.5% Drop in 2016 Earnings for Apparel

6.7% Drop in S&P 500 Companies Profits in 2016 – 4th Straight Quarter Decline of Falling Earnings

250,000+ Corporate Employee Layoffs in 2016

$952 billion in Consumer Credit Card Debt

$1+ trillion in Consumer Debt

– 10.1 % Housing Starts

4.5% Existing Home Sales

$306,000 Median Sales Price of Pre-Owned Home

$365,600 Median Sales Price for New Home

↓ Corporate Earnings have declined every quarter since the second quarter 2015

$51+ trillion in Corporate Debt

29% Monthly Year-over-Year Increase in Commercial Bankruptcy Filings to 3,199 the 10th Month in a Row

$793 billion in Business Debt Increase in 2016 – Only $93 billion went back into economy

$250 billion Used to Cover Negative Cash Flow

250% of GDP Non-Business Debt

70% of GDP Business Debt

$1 Government Debt Increase Drops GDP 5%

62.9% Americans Own Homes (lowest level in 53 years since 1963) due to high interest rate mortgages in deflationary economy, low incomes, part-time jobs, federal government regulating property appraisers destroying property values) … Home ownership rate reached its peak of 69.2% in June 2004

↓ Incomes Continue to Drop in 2016

69% Americans have Less than $1,000 in Savings (due to no income, poor incomes, no work, no full-time work, government cover-up of actual economic conditions)

47% Americans Less than $400 in Savings

49% Americans Classified as Poor based on income tax filings

160+ million Americans (50+% of entire U.S. population) receive an income check from the federal Government (this includes checks for disability and senior retirement Americans that paid for Social Security)

Due to Dollar Decline in Value since 1913 …

$35,000 and under Poverty Class Income per year

$35,000 – $120,000 Poor Class Income per year

$120,000 – $300,000 Middle Class Income per year

$300,000 – $600,000 Upper Middle Class Income per year

$600,000 – ↑↑ Upper Class Income per year

100% Seniors on Social Security Living Below Poverty Rate of $35,000 per Year (If Adjusted … at 100% Tax-Exempt income should be $48,000-$60,000)

95% Seniors have Only Social Security for Retirement – 1% Rich and 4% Well-off

-1% to 1% GDP Growth Rate

What it means The structural composition of the labor market is the root of the problem.



$65 Trillion Economy

8 Billion Population

95% of World Individuals Poorer since 1963

70% of World Population in the Top 25 Advanced Countries have seen No Increase in Income since 2000 and this is Projected to Rise to 80%

97% of Italian Households saw their Incomes Fall, 80% for the US, 70% for both the UK and the Netherlands, 63% for France and 20% for Sweden.

10% World Average Individual Savings Rate

All nations’ economies today are run on credit and not cash.

$250 trillion Global Debt

23% U.S. Percent of World Economy

1.7% GDP Growth Rate


United Kingdom

$5 Trillion Economy

65 Million Population

2.2% Average Individual Savings Rate

Jobs 120,000 Loss in Oil & Gas Industry

2016 Firings of Employees continues …

1) Lloyds Banking Group: 8,230

2) RBS Royal Bank of Scotland: 900

0.4% GDP Growth Rate



$16 Trillion Economy

738 Million Population

12% Average Individual Savings Rate

87 Distinctly Different Ethnic Groups

60 Different Languages Spoken (only way to have a single country is with a single language, single culture, single currency)

Europe 9.9% Unemployment

France 10.2% Unemployment

Italy 11.7% Unemployment

Spain 20.7% Unemployment

Greece 24.2% Unemployment

Germany 4.2% Unemployment

2016 Firings of Employees continues …

1) Commerzbank: 9,600

2) ING Groep: 5,800

-2% GDP Growth Rate



$8 Trillion Economy

1.3 Billion Population – 2nd Most Populated Country

25% Average Individual Savings Rate

7.56% to 7.9% GDP Growth Rate



$3 Trillion Economy

150 Million Population

25% Average Individual Savings Rate

25% Unemployment

23% GDP Growth Rate



October 1, 2016 The Chinese Yuan (renminbi) has joined the IMF reserve basket of currencies along with the United States USD (dollar), European EURO (euro), British Pound (sterling), and Japanese Yen (yen). The Chinese yuan is the fifth most used currency in international transactions; however, you cannot buy it and sell it, as it is a blocked currency; at least not yet.

$19 Trillion Economy … World’s Largest GNP (Gross National Product – total economy with exports and imports) Economy since 2014 … Second Largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product – only domestic economy) Economy since 2014

1.8 Billion Population – 1st Most Populated Country

50% Average Individual Savings Rate

$28 trillion National Debt

282% of GDP National Debt

40% Economy Government

60% Economy Business

20% or 64 million apartment homes in China stand empty

2016 Real Estate Prices ↑ Up

Changzhou 138%

Changsha 107.5%

Tianjin 107%

Fosh 103%

Zhengzhou 94%

Hangzhou 82%

Jinan 65%

Shenzhen 59%  market price of 66 sq. ft. Condo with a fold down single bed for $132,000 and that is $2,000 per sq. ft.

-13% Retail Sales

-10% Sales

26.9% Housing Starts Increase

9.1% New Home Prices Increase

8.9% Income Increase

6.7% GDP Growth Rate



$0.50 Trillion Economy

82 Million Population

47% Average Individual Savings Rate

3.2% to 5.8% GDP Growth Rate


2016 Forecasts

***** (July Post) US Economic Outlook & World Report  US 2016 contributor Danny Bachman, Senior Manager U.S. Economics at Deloitte.

Texas Economy 2016 US 2016 contributor Dr Mine Yücel, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

US Economy and Outlook 2016 US 2016 contributor Robert A. Dye, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Comerica Bank.

Economic Outlook for 2016 Canada 2016 contributor Stefane Marion, Chief Economist and Strategist, Managing Director at National Bank, ranked among the Top 20 Forecaster’s in the world.

Year-End Situation 2015 and Outlook for 2016 USA 2016 contributor Dr Thomas Kevin Swift, Chief Economist & Managing Director of Economics & Statistics Department, American Chemistry Council, Washington DC.

Data Year-End Situation 2015 and Outlook for 2016 USA 2016 contributor Dr Thomas Kevin Swift, Chief Economist & Managing Director of Economics & Statistics Department, American Chemistry Council, Washington DC.


Energy Puzzle™


GeoPolitical Political Conflict of Energy Worldwide

pic Texas Offshore Oil Rig


October 2016

Future Price of Lithium

Rhetoric Economy

Saudi Victory … Real or Elusive … The Sandman Cometh

Outcome of Opec in Algiers


Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion


Climate Change (Global Warming) … A Government Initiative

Maurice Strong, Father of Climate Change, is a Canadian billionaire, diplomat and member of the U.N. He is the reason that ‘climate change’ (Global Warming) is now so heavily embedded within the system of global governance.

Climate Change…A Question 

Global Warming or Global Cooling 

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] in January declares that 2015 was the hottest year on record. When comparing temperatures, it would seem instructive to include a lengthy timeline. That is not what happened when NASA and NOAA reported to the public with their announcement in their ‘hottest year ever’ press briefing that they have a 58-year-long radiosonde temperature record. However, it only shows the last 37 years of the graph. They left out data that tell a somewhat different story.

Why would NOAA do such a thing? Because the fuller story contradicts the man-made global warming narrative. The government was hiding the rest of the data, which showed as much pre-1979 cooling as the post-1979 warming. (Real Science)

Oct. 30, 2015 NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

NASA Study


The rates of mass changes from ICESat 2003-2008 over Antarctica. Sums are for all of Antarctica: East Antarctica (EA, 2-17); interior West Antarctica (WA2, 1, 18, 19, and 23); coastal West Antarctica (WA1, 20-21); and the Antarctic Peninsula (24-27). A gigaton (Gt) corresponds to a billion metric tons, or 1.1 billion U.S. tons. Credit: Jay Zwally/ Journal of Glaciology.


A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

“We are essentially in agreement with other studies that show an increase in ice discharge in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Thwaites and Pine Island region of West Antarctica,” said Jay Zwally, a glaciologist with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and lead author of the study, which was published on Oct. 30 in the Journal of Glaciology.

“Our main disagreement is for East Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica – there, we see an ice gain that exceeds the losses in the other areas.” Zwally added that his team “measured small height changes over large areas, as well as the large changes observed over smaller areas.”

Scientists calculate how much the ice sheet is growing or shrinking from the changes in surface height that are measured by the satellite altimeters. In locations where the amount of new snowfall accumulating on an ice sheet is not equal to the ice flow downward and outward to the ocean, the surface height changes and the ice-sheet mass grows or shrinks.

But it might only take a few decades for Antarctica’s growth to reverse, according to Zwally. “If the losses of the Antarctic Peninsula and parts of West Antarctica continue to increase at the same rate they have been increasing for the last two decades, the losses will catch up with the long-term gain in East Antarctica in 20 or 30 years — I do not think there will be enough snowfall increase to offset these losses.”

The study analyzed changes in the surface height of the Antarctic ice sheet measured by radar altimeters on two European Space Agency European Remote Sensing (ERS) satellites, spanning from 1992 to 2001, and by the laser altimeter on NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) from 2003 to 2008.

Zwally said that while other scientists have assumed that the gains in elevation seen in East Antarctica are due to recent increases in snow accumulation, his team used meteorological data beginning in 1979 to show that the snowfall in East Antarctica actually decreased by 11 billion tons per year during both the ERS and ICESat periods. They also used information on snow accumulation for tens of thousands of years, derived by other scientists from ice cores, to conclude that East Antarctica has been thickening for a very long time.

“At the end of the last Ice Age, the air became warmer and carried more moisture across the continent, doubling the amount of snow dropped on the ice sheet,” Zwally said.

The extra snowfall that began 10,000 years ago has been slowly accumulating on the ice sheet and compacting into solid ice over millennia, thickening the ice in East Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica by an average of 0.7 inches (1.7 centimeters) per year. This small thickening, sustained over thousands of years and spread over the vast expanse of these sectors of Antarctica, corresponds to a very large gain of ice – enough to outweigh the losses from fast-flowing glaciers in other parts of the continent and reduce global sea level rise.

Zwally’s team calculated that the mass gain from the thickening of East Antarctica remained steady from 1992 to 2008 at 200 billion tons per year, while the ice losses from the coastal regions of West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula increased by 65 billion tons per year.

“The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away,” Zwally said. “But this is also bad news. If the 0.27 millimeters per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for.”

“The new study highlights the difficulties of measuring the small changes in ice height happening in East Antarctica,” said Ben Smith, a glaciologist with the University of Washington in Seattle who was not involved in Zwally’s study.

“Doing altimetry accurately for very large areas is extraordinarily difficult, and there are measurements of snow accumulation that need to be done independently to understand what is happening in these places,” Smith said.

To help accurately measure changes in Antarctica, NASA is developing the successor to the ICESat mission, ICESat-2, which is scheduled to launch in 2018. “ICESat-2 will measure changes in the ice sheet within the thickness of a No. 2 pencil,” said Tom Neumann, a glaciologist at Goddard and deputy project scientist for ICESat-2. “It will contribute to solving the problem of Antarctica’s mass balance by providing a long-term record of elevation changes.”

What it means – Sun spots are the reason for climate change (global warming) and government cannot do anything about it except create a new government agency and a new tax on its people to help cover government deficit spending.

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On the Differences Between Scientific and Artistic Cross-Cultural Understanding of Forks – Chop Sticks – Hands – Thomas Fletcher Grooms

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“The heart of a Russian is the heart of a Poet.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms

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“Whatever you think, whatever you believe,
whatever your opinion, whatever you disagree, it pays to consider to be prepared.”
– Thomas Fletcher Grooms


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Climate Change and Global Warming

Ocean contains 96% of the carbon dioxide. Government cannot control the ocean. However, poor language creates stress and causes misleading problems.

What government has been saying about climate change and global warming is inflammatory. Of course the climate changes, daily, hourly, always has and always will. What government is attempting to say is we have too much auto pollution and factory smog. These two elements can be corrected by two elements, actions of people and production.

It is the responsibility of every person, every where to contribute by doing simple small things. Ex. depositing trash in containers, recycling all materials, investing in production filters, auto maintenance. We are not perfect, and government even less so, but we can all do better and we will by our own actions. Education and actions.


1984 World in 2016

Career is now code for Work. Opportunity is now code for Problem. I Have Concerns is now code for attacking someone or something you do not like. Political Correctness is now code for Censorship. Hate Speech is now code for Disagreeing with Government Status Quo. Income Redistribution is now code for Guaranteed Income. Role Model is now code for Ineptitude. Media is now code for Disinformation. Lie is now code for Truth. Leadership is now code for Do-Not-Ask. Right is now code for Wrong. Equality is now code for Prejudice. Congress is now code for Pre-Tense of Knowledge. Senate is now code for Pass-It-Before You Can Read It. Supreme Court is now code for Political Rulings. The President is now code for Who Cares. Public Companies are now code for Good-bye Retirement.

Financial Crisis Is Now Contained is now code for All ‘Hell’ Is About To Break Lose. Great Recession is now code for Great Depression. Recession is now code for Depression. Recession Over is now code for that was 1929-1947. Cautious Approach is now code for How Did I Get Here. Going Forward is now code for We Got It Wrong. Wall Street is now code for Negative Money. Investor is now code for Invested Less Than One Minute. Speculator is now code for Invested Till Tomorrow. Bull Market is now code for Stockholders Losses. Derivatives is now code for Casino. Taking Profits is now code for Selling Stock at a Loss. Smart Money is now code for Left Behind. Extreme Profit Taking is now code for Market Sell-off. Time to Buy is now code for You Should Have Already Sold. Stock Buybacks is now code for Declining Profits and Lost Market Share.

Upturn Faces Risks is now code for Gloom and Doom. No One Knows is now code for the Fix Is Already In. No Risk is now code for You Already Lost Just Listening. Signs of Strength is now code for No Hope. After Years of Sluggishness is now code for Still Failing. Demand for Goods Increase is now code for Profit Declines. Cautious as Economy Strengthens is now code for No Clue What to Do. Fear Not is now code for Hit the Bunkers. Effort to Raise Inflation is now code for Ship is Sitting on the Bottom of the Ocean. Rate Increase is now code for Done Six Months Ago.

Recovery is More Advanced is now code for Depression in Concrete. Insipid Global Recovery is now code for World Depression and Deflation Continues. Economic Expansion is now code for Collapse. Low Growth Rate is now code for there is no growth and never have been. Growth Forecasts is now code for Hoping for a Miracle. Slight Growth is now code for Decline. Growth Is Weak is now code for Continuing Contracting Economy. Growth Taking Place, But Slowly is now code for There Is No Growth, But Fast Sinking Economy. Growth Has Persisted, But Its Pace Has Been Slow is now code for Growth Is Invisible, But Its Pace Flew Right By You And You Did Not Even See It. Compatible with Growth and Jobs is now code for Bankruptcies and Unemployment.

Global Outlook is now code for Blind. Prolonged Global Stagnation and Instability is now code for Government Incompetence. Psychological Problem of People is now code for Heads-of-State Incompetence.

Business Too Cautious to Invest is now code for Business Is Smarter Than Government. Business Holding Back Innovation and Productivity is now code for Business Is Solvent and Government Is Not. Weaker Consumer Spending Feeds Pessimism is now code for Consumer is Broke.

Signs of Robust and Lasting Recovery is now code for Too Little, Too Late.  High Quality Bonds is now code for Junk. Own Stocks Now Time to Buy is now code for Market Crash Imminent. Ultra-Cheap Long-term Loans is now code for Stupid. Higher Prices as Demand for Good Increases is now code for Temporary Deflation Pause.

Mortgage is now code for Bank Slave. Car Note is now code for Broke. Debt is now code for Income Stream. Higher Education is now code for Knowledge Deficit. Affordable Health Care is now code for You Can No Longer Afford Medical Treatment. Prosperity is now code for Huge Deficit. Depression is now code for Not Possible. Genius is now code for Idiot. Billionaire is now code for Delusional. Marginal Profit is now code for Loss. Negative Rates is now code for Collapse. Debt is now code for Stimulus. High Yield is now code for No Yield. Liquidity is now code for Credit Bubble. Acute Scarcity of Capital is now code for No One Is Borrowing Money. Economic Stimulus is now code for Destruction of Money. Monetary Policy is now code for Destruction of the Economy. Stronger Dollar is now code for Lack of Purchasing Power.

Immigration Not Followed by Assimilation is now code for Invasion. Immigration, Integration, Refugees, Migration, and Asylum Seekers is now code for Economy Strengthening, Voter Control, Domestic Unrest, Terrorism and Danger Alert.

Decline in the Number of People Available for Work is now code for Hiding Real Unemployment Numbers and Stealth Support for Immigration. Unemployment is now code for Number Drawing Unemployment Benefits. Stopped Looking for Work is now code for Actual Number of Unemployed.

Misdirection of Capital is now code for Savings. Anyone Who Wants a Job has One is now code for You Do Not Count. Unemployment is now code for Bogus Data. Layoff is now code for Documented Worker. Benefits Beneficiary is now code for Undocumented Worker. Washington is now code for World. United States is now code for Except Washington. Foreign Policy is now code for Threats. Foreign Aid is now code for Bribes. Austerity is now code for Treason. Debtor is now code for Good Citizen. Saver is now code for National Threat. Anyone Who Disagrees is now code for National Security Threat. Bathroom is now code for International Sovereignty.

What it means – Nothing has changed, but everything.


Retirement for Seniors in the United States

In 1935, Congress passed and Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. This law created “a system of Federal old-age benefits” for workers and their families. In 1956, the law was amended to also provide disability benefits.

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program provides benefits for aged, blind, and disabled people without regard to prior workforce participation.

The Social Security Act in 1935 created a Non-Taxable income for Senior Americans that worked and contributed into their retirement program. This is the only retirement income for 95% of Seniors. The solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund was secure until 1963.

Social Security was designed to be the only government retirement program for Americans. Not government State retirement program. Not government County retirement program. Not government City retirement program. Not government Federal exception for Congress retirement program. Not government Federal exception for Senate retirement program. Not government Federal exception for Supreme Court retirement program. Not government Federal exception for President retirement program.

Recommendations for Social SecuritySecurity

1) Move Retirement Age to 70 – 75

2) Have Only One Age for Social Security for All Americans

3) Abolish Retroactively All Federal – Military – State – County – City Government Pension Retirement Programs and Make Law that Social Security is the Only Legal Government Retirement Program for All American Citizens

4) Abolish Earned Income Ceiling of $118,500 that Is Not Taxed for Social Security Making All Income Taxed for Social Security

5) Social Security Payments of $60,000 per year for All Americans

The best solution to solve bankrupt government pension funds and municipalities non-recoverable unfunded liabilities pension retirement plans and tax burdens on young adults and seniors and all Americans … is moving from government controlled bedding of politicians and multiple government handouts resulting in double-dipping and triple-dipping on the backs of American workers … to encouraging private enterprise individual savings.

Pension Funds Solvency

All Federal – Military – State – County – City Government Pension Funds requires a yearly, consistent minimum, annual return of 7.69%, repeatedly, year after year. They have never done that. They do not do that with an average annual return of -3.76% – 5.00%. That is not happening. The historical annual average return of the stock market since record keeping began is 5%.

$8+ trillion Deficits of All Government Pension Funds making All Government Pension Funds a Ponzi Scheme Except for Social Security

$3.5+ trillion Deficits of Federal Government Pension Fund

$500+ billion Deficits of Private Pension Funds

Deflation is the final outcome. Bankruptcy is the final solution.

Working capital and money for financial institutions should come from private citizens (savings) rather than the Federal Reserve (debt).  

Age for holding the Office of the President of the United States should be changed to 60-62 years of age. Experience and maturity.

$200 million in 1983 Social Security TRUST Fund SURPLUS 

$2.6 trillion was programmed to strengthen Social Security TRUST Fund SURPLUS  from 1983-2000 

Social Security Amendments of 1983 by Congress and Reagan legislated the Social Security TRUST Fund to use the money to pay for Wars, Tax Cuts for Elections, and Other Government Programs

$1.37 trillion in 1989-1993 taken from Social Security TRUST Fund by Congress and Bush for Middle East War 

$600 billion in 1993-2001 taken from Social Security TRUST Fund by Congress and Clinton to Pay Down National Debt and claim a Surplus of the Federal Government 

$2.8 trillion in 2009-2014 taken from Social Security TRUST Fund by Congress and Obama

$150 billion in 2016 taken from Social Security TRUST Fund by Congress and Obama for Welfare Payments (All Democrats and 80 Republicans voted yes) 

The poverty rate set by Washington in 2014 of $35,000 per year means $20 per hour for a livable wage. Social Security pays at age 70 $36,000 per year. Yet, Social Security should be paying at least $60,000 per year to each Senior. This rate would be made available also for all Americans including those that served in Congress, Senate, President, Supreme Court, State, County, and City government or governments.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of American workers age 55 to 64 say they have less than $25,000 in retirement savings. Ninety-five percent (95%) of households are at risk of not having enough savings to maintain their standard of living after retirement. Sixty-six percent (66%) of Americans say their top financial concern is not having enough money for retirement. Seventy-five percent (75%) of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with essentially no savings. With sixty-two percent unemployment (62.4%) thirty-seven percent (37.4%) of the Labor force employment rate is falling further behind every year. Forty-nine percent (49%) the American population are receiving benefits of a monthly check from at least one government program each month. Fifty percent (50%) of all children born in America today will be on food stamps at some point in their lifetime. Fifty-two percent (52%) of Working Americans receive a paycheck making less than $30,000 per year income while the official poverty rate $35,000 per year income is minimum for subsistence. (BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics, CBO – Congressional Budget Office, Census Bureau, Employee Benefit Research Institute, Gallup Poll, Bankrate)

What it means – Governments are extraordinary incomes for men and women who have ever held a public office.


Teachers and Adjunct Professors Salary

U.S. Adjunct Professors to Unionize … The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is driving union votes at campuses across the nation and converting the roughly 750,000 Adjunct Professors union members. And rightly so.

Schools that hire Substitute Teachers and colleges and universities that hire Adjunct Professors are taking advantage with low pay. The practice is unethical. It cost $250,000 to $500,000 for a Ph.D. degree. The colleges and universities demand it for employment to make them look good for an accreditation agency evaluation and ranking.

What it means Adjunct Professors and part-time teachers will eventually stop teaching part-time for low salaries and disillusions of being hired full-time.

Over the years, teaching has become a dead-end job working for Ingrates, of which there many, too many. Teachers are taken for granite. Teaching is the lowest paid profession in the U.S. and Administrators are among the highest paid jobs in the U.S. When it should be just the opposite.

If you thought college was expensive before, just wait until this trend takes hold – and it should. Currently adjuncts are paid an average of $10,000 per year in community colleges and $18,000 per year in colleges and universities. Adjunct Professors are paid $2,000 per undergraduate course to $5,000 per graduate course for an average of $2,700 per class and teach between four and five classes per semester at several schools. At 10 classes a year on average, they earn a mere $27,000. This seems a bit light when compared to the full-time Professor pay of $116,000 at public universities and $148,000 at private universities. While Administrators receive $150,000 – $500,000 salaries with full benefits and an expense account.

The low pay comes with no benefits or job security, so it is easy to see how these Adjunct Professors are being taken advantage. The SEIU wants $15,000 per class. That is not right when you weigh the economics. Fair pay in the current condition should be closer to $15,000 per undergraduate course to $40,000 per graduate course.

University officials are crying foul or poor mouth, pointing out that higher costs will trickle down to tuition, making college even less affordable. What do they think their $150,000 to $1,000,000 yearly Administrators salaries with full benefits cost the students in tuition? Besides, what has a student ever learned from an Administrator?

Teachers and Professors jobs are to teach, not research. That is what research institutions are for, as these are two different professions and purposes. It is not their job to make mandatory reports and create mandatory paperwork other than grading and evaluations of students work; it is to teach. That is what teaching is all about, the learning experience of the students. Thank God for dedicated Teachers.

It is not about attending mandatory meetings in their off time; their time should be dedicated to the classroom and nowhere else. Show me the country with the best education and I will show the country that will be leading the world. Teaching should be a profession, again.

Federal government of politicization of the classroom for social programming of dumbing-down should be removed from the classroom by removal of the U.S. Department of Education, which has caused half the problems in the classroom with credit for the other half awarded to Administrators.  Accreditation agencies are political, expensive and serve no value to learning. They are an unnecessary expense, waste of time, and burden as well as a distraction to learning. Job creation is a good thing, but when it interferes with purpose; it should be removed, completely.

An Administrators job is to first be a checks-n-balances on finances, second marketing of the college, and third recruitment of students; that is not the job of teachers. A Teacher’s job is to teach without interference or undue mandatory tasks of student recruitment, and mandatory community service.  Teaching is of itself a full-time profession.

Political Appointment … Often Administrators are political appointments to Presidents of colleges and select teaching posts as are government retirees.  They know nothing about teaching and what the students typically learn is indoctrination; indoctrination of a political philosophy and bias. They are not Teachers or Professors any more than a Teacher or Professor expecting a post upon retirement as the President of a Fortune 500 Company. No wonder the learning continues in a downward spiral like an Ouroboros.

The SEIU claims there are other costs that can be cut without making students bear the burden. Wonder if the SEIU noticed that universities long ago found a cost they could cut – professor pay, by hiring Adjunct Professors. Let Teachers and Adjunct Professors make a decent living.

The Lesson is that Teachers and Professors should be the highest paid men and women in education, not the lowest. Schools and colleges have created an unethical system of part-time Teachers and Adjunct Professors for years to supplement their $150,000 – $500,000 – $1,000,000 salaries. (Dent Research, IRI Research)

Substitute Teachers and Adjunct Professors cannot afford to teach without being paid a decent standard of living and full salary suitable for the profession. They have made the investment in years of formal education and investment costs. By supporting part-time teaching they penalize all Substitute Teachers and Adjunct Professors and disgrace the profession.

The highest paid people in any organization should go to those who make the greatest contribution. Teachers. Teachers will produce educated students, if not flooded with useless paperwork and meetings to give administrators something to do. A waste of money and resources. The highest paid people in education contribute the least.

The purpose of a school is to educate students. Not serve as tax-free baby-sitting services for parents. To learn. To growth and mature in a healthy and safe environment. Not a place for problem students and those who do not to behave. Behave or leave, voluntary or involuntary.

Teach to and the best and brightest because a country’s future depends on it. The pay scale and in-charge authority being, at present, upside-down has failed the students and the country.

By removing all boards of education and all boards of colleges, ignorance of the problems is removed. Politicians could be put second on the list. If you want to know about best educating students, ask a teacher, not an administrator and politician.

The history of the one-room school house produced a more educated graduate than today’s computers and millions spent. Students read and have to study instead of being entertained.

What it really means – Teachers are the first defense of a country, in war time and peace time, as well as the future of a country. 


Chess One Down

An American Creed™


Immigrants and Migrants Obligations to be an AMERICAN

‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, is not an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’ (Theodore Roosevelt 1907)

Dean Alfange

Dean Alfange

“I do not choose to be a common man.

It is my right to be uncommon if I can.

I seek opportunity not security.

I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.

I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.

I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia.

I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout.

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations, and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done.

All this is what it means to be an American.”


“Inflation”, Bernard Baruch wrote, “flows from the selfish struggle for special advantage among pressure groups. Each seeks tax cuts or price increases or wage raises for itself while urging the others to make the sacrifice, and with little regard for the national interest.”

“The man on the street…” declared Leonard Paul Spacek, “… has the right to assume that he can accept as accurate the fundamental end results shown by the financial statements in annual reports.”

“There must be no sharing of nuclear technology with allies…” advocated General Leslie R. Groves, “…even within the U.S. government; he zealously embargoed information from most agencies and departments, including the White House itself.”