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Dr. Thomas Fletcher Grooms, Father of Market IntelligenceDiscovered the term market intelligence and wrote the first peer reviewed study in the world on market Intelligence giving it life as its own distinguished concept.

Mission is to advance new ideas and promote enduring knowledge in a scholarly forum for the business, government and academic community in which outstanding thinkers and scholars are encouraged to continuous learning in a worldwide sharing of scholarly analyses on the understanding and value of market intelligence.

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Official Definition of Market Intelligence™ and Intelligence Terminology


The Official Definition of Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence (MKI) is gathered through internal analysis, competition analysis, and market analysis about the total environment forming a broad spectrum of assembled knowledge, which is then used for developing scenarios so that timely reporting of vital foreknowledge for future planning in the areas of strategic, tactical, and counter-intelligence decision-making can be applied operationally and strategically in respect to the whole organization’s strategic interest for the whole market. (Grooms, 1998) 

The structure of the Model of Market Intelligence is a double helix that can usurp to make copies of itself in other dimensions and realities to reveal an ever infinity of knowledge and forecasts. The Market Intelligence Model provides a missing linage present in organizations at the highest levels. The model gives reassurance to help ensure a broad scope of checks and balances protecting the CEO, senior executives ,and government senior officials as well as the organization, its value and performance. Market Intelligence is what makes intelligence, intelligence. (Grooms, 1998) 










Intelligence Terminology

The Official Definition of Market Intelligence (MKI), Intelligence (I), Political Intelligence (POLI), Military Intelligence (MI), Business Intelligence (BI), Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), Marketing Research (MKTR), Marketing Information Systems (MKTIS), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Competitor Intelligence (CRI), Marketing Intelligence (MKTI), Strategic Intelligence (SI), Tactical Intelligence (TI), Counter-intelligence (CTI), Real-time Intelligence (RTI), and Whisper Intelligence (WI) click on the blue to learn from the first peer reviewed study in the world on market intelligence.

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Like my cousin said, “You may all go to Hell in Tennessee because you do what you do because you can and I will go to Texas”. –  Davy CrockettClubroom

August 2015

“Experts are people with louder opinions.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms 



July 2015

“You can lie, but eventually the data catches up with you.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms 

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September 2015

Designated Sanctuary Cities in the US for Illegal Aliens USA contributor Neil Krieger, Economist and Investment Counselor.


August 2015

United Kingdom Economy…Defence…Energy…Politics UK 2015 contributor Peter N C Cooke, Emeritus Professor University of Buckingham.

Peace in Our Time – It’s not that Simple UK 2015 contributor Peter N C Cooke, Emeritus Professor University of Buckingham.

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Walk in the Park

September 2015

Major new headlines being reviewed…should be published in next 5 days by the 9th…you will not be disappointed…


August 2015

Economies Fall to Lowest Point in History When will the Depression Cycle that started in 1971 be recognized for what it is? 

US consumer households were expected to increase their spending by 3.5% and instead spending took a major drop from the 4.3% the month before. This was the lowest reading in series history. Worse, when adjusting for household inflation expectations, which have been relatively flat, modestly declining around 3%, real spending intentions, when adjusted for inflation, just crashed to a barely positive 0.5%, down over 60% from the prior month. (New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations)

Russia Gross domestic product contracted 4.6 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier after a 2.2 percent decline in the previous three months. The Economy Ministry had projected that output shrank 4.4 percent in the period, calling it the lowest point for Russia. (Federal Statistics Service in Moscow)

Japan national debt rises to new record ¥1,057,224,000,000,000. The first half of 2015 saw Japan’s national debt rise at its fastest pace in four years, hitting a new record high at ¥1.057 Quadrillion.


Politicians…Masters at Making Bad Foreign Policy Worse How much worse can it get?    

Never in history have the economic and political structures been so manipulated by those who are responsible for their safekeeping; never has so much been at stake, in so many countries, and facing collapse, all at the same time.

The great majority of people in the world are passing through an economic crisis. However, most are under the impression that there are some pretty smart fellows running the show and all they need to do is tweak the system a bit more and we will return to happy days.

Not so. The ‘smart fellows’ who are in charge of ‘fixing’ the problem are in fact the very same people who created it. Peoples of every country are being cheated and financially strangled by their own government. Immigration is a legal assault on people by their own government.

U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) told us that the ‘official’ unemployment rate sits at 5.3%, and cheered its resilience to stay at a seven-year low. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped more than 70 points August 7 after the July jobs report ‘justified’ the case for a September rate hike by the Federal Reserve. The world might be chaotic… Puerto Rico’s bond crisis is approaching DEFCON 2, China’s stock market volatility is not going away, our largest trading partner, Canada, is approaching a another decline in the depression, Australia’s currency is cratering, and oil prices are near six-month lows, which could fuel higher unemployment in the US only successful jobs sector over the last six years… But the Federal Reserve sees just what it wants to see, an illusionary healthy employment sector.

Women Suffer Under Obama and Democrats

Now step back and really peel back the numbers to show what really matters from this report.

  • A record 93,770,000 Americans are not in the labor force… That means they are not looking for a job, and they have effectively given up their job search.
  • The workforce participation rate is at a 38-year low. Just 62.6% of all working-age Americans can claim to have work. One could therefore argue the unemployment rate is really 37.4%, which would simply be a more accurate picture of reality than 5.3%.
  • A record 56,209,000 women are out of work. This demographic will likely determine who wins the election, and each candidate needs to address this problem as women are increasingly more becoming the breadwinners in families.

(New York Times and Washington Post)

U.S. corporate profits fell about 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter last year before plummeting 5.2 percent in the first quarter this year, partly driven by a plunge in the amount American companies’ foreign affiliates earned. (Bloomberg)

Government Racism

The Federal Government is the most racist institution in the US. It does not get any more racist than to call Caucasians (White people) ‘Non-Hispanic’ on government forms, e.g. the US Census. This is just one illustration by the use of the term by Obama and his administration of their hate towards white people, especially white males. Obama and his administration use Marxism to point a finger at others to accuse them of being racists while three fingers are pointing back.


China is the largest economy in the world and the US, at present, is the strongest economy in the world. Chinese have over $21 trillion in savings, more than all Americans have. Plus Beijing has $4 trillion in reserves. Bottom line, just savings of the Chinese citizens and Beijing, the Chinese government, is $25 trillion. Their stock market is set to at least equal 25 trillion in market capitalization, while the US is 18 trillion.

The campaign began in early 2013 with the travel records, troves of personal data were stolen from U.S. travel companies. China subsequently made off with health records at big insurance companies and infiltrated federal computers, where they stole personnel records on 21.5 million people – in what apparently is the largest such theft of U.S. government records in history.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management headed by Katherine Archuleta, where records for every person given a government background check for the past 15 years were compromised.

Security companies, including FireEye and ThreatConnect, say the tactics and technology used in the attacks point to hackers in China, which are consistent with Chinese government espionage. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said last month that China was “the leading suspect”. Zhu Haiquan, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, denied the allegation and said in an e-mail that the Chinese government does not engage in cyber-attacks.


Obama Screws America, Democrats Screw the United States, American Jews Screw IsraelHistory never changes?

Iran and six world powers including the U.S. reached a deal (aka treaty) on Iran’s nuclear program. Obama thinks international trade is the business relationship between Washington (White House) and New York (Wall Street). Obama and his administration are tested and proven incompetent in international negotiations and even less in understanding the Middle East.

Who Stands to Gain the Most from This Deal with Iran…the industry is oil, of course. And, special interests in Washington and New York.

The only benefit of this deal is to Wall Street and a few privileged Western companies to have access to the oil of Iran…what a deal. It has nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear weapons.

The Iranians negotiated a deal where they gave up nothing…no concessions…not one iota…why should they not make this deal as they already have what they want including now the release of money and access to world markets. Score Iran…100 and Obama, Democrats, and American Jews…0.

Iran Wins

$100 billion (aka US Taxpayer) in Cash

Continued Small Scale Production of Weapons Class Uranium

High-speed Centrifuges Making Bomb-grade Enriched Uranium are Not Required them to be Disabled, Sent Abroad, or Destroyed…Only Switched Off for 10 years

Strict Limited Inspections Dictated by Iran

Iran to forbid Inspections of Their Military Bases

No Surprise Inspections Permitted

UN Inspectors Have to Give Prior Notice of Any Inspection

Tehran Only has to ‘Submit a Report Answering Queries About Previous Efforts to Build Nuclear Triggers or miniaturize nuclear warheads so they fit on top of a missile

Iran Stock Market Capitalization of $1 billion

World Bank Foreign Direct Investment of $3 billion

Releases $150 billion in Frozen Assets

U.S. to Award (aka bribes) Iran $11.9 billion through End of Nuke Talks

U.S. Paid $490 million in Cash (aka bribes) for Iran to Come to the Negotiating Table


U.S. (aka Obama, Democrats, American Jews) Wins

Worthless Piece of Paper, like Chamberlain prior to World War II.


U.N. (aka United Nations) Value

Like ‘Tits on a Hog’, the UN cannot perform verifiable inspections and have no authority to change any behavior of Iran.


Iran Nuclear Negations


The Iran negotiations hit a last minute snag in Vienna. There were reports that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif got into a shouting match behind closed doors. An aid had to interrupt the two diplomats to inform them that their argument could be heard by people on the other side of the doors.

Moreover, the top EU Foreign Policy official Federica Mogherini also got into a heated discussion with Zarif. She threatened to cut off the talks and Zarif shouted back, warning her to “never try to threaten the Iranians”. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov jumped in and added “nor the Russians”.

Iran gives up nothing and takes all…including $100 billion in cash…

The deal will require Iran to cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98% for the next 15 years, but nothing is mentioned about high-enriched uranium.

Foreign investment into Iran’s stock market alone is expected to be $1 billion in the first year after it opens up.

As for the wider Iranian economy, the World Bank expects an increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) from multinational corporations to reach $3 billion. That would be double the FDI of the 2012-2014 period, when sanctions were in effect.

Releases $150 billion in frozen assets sanctions on Iran’s oil exports will be lifted, up to $150 billion of assets will be unfrozen, and Iranian banks will be allowed back in to the international financial system. (FOX News)

U.S. to Award (aka bribes) Iran $11.9 billion through End of Nuke Talks

The Obama administration paid $490 million in cash assets … all he has to do now is provided computers (I forgot he already did) for the targeting packages. …. to the table and prolong this charade of Iran truly wanting to make a deal. ….. Netanyahu (aka Israel) need that money much more than Iran…

As part of the deal, Iran has agreed to cut its enriched uranium stockpile, which is a precursor to nuclear weapons but is also useful for nuclear power generation, by 98%, and to eliminate its uranium centrifuges, used to create more enriched uranium, by 66%.

In a statement early Tuesday morning, President Obama stepped to center stage of the Theater of the Absurd, saying…

“Today, because America negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region…Because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon.” ‘Horse Hockey’

Of course, the deal has very strict limits on inspections. This means the U.S. and its allies may not be able to inspect certain sites in Iran that we think might be violating the terms of the deal.

Obama has caved in to Iran on 4 key provisions in Geneva.  Result…instead of preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, this deal is going to effectively open the door for them by proposing to allow Iran to forbid inspections of their military bases.

No surprise visits are in the agreement. The UN inspectors will have to give prior notice.

Tehran only has to “submit a report” answering queries about previous efforts to build nuclear triggers or miniaturize nuclear warheads so they fit on top of a missile.

This is a “no-nukes” treaty into a “turn-off-the-centrifuges” treaty.

The treaty Obama’s negotiating merely requires Iran to switch off some of the high-speed centrifuges they have churning out bomb-grade enriched uranium.  It does not require them to be disabled, sent abroad, or destroyed.  Only switched off for 10 years.

Far from requiring the Iranians to dismantle their bomb-making factories, this deal legitimizes them.  It explicitly allows Iran to build as many nukes as it wants after 10 years.

What is to keep the Iranians from secretly turning their centrifuges back on again?

The only real barrier to such cheating would be a robust, intrusive inspection regime by UN nuclear weapons experts. But Obama as you have seen has surrendered on that, too.

This is why Israel and Saudi Arabia, (who rarely agree on anything!) both insist Obama’s nuclear deal is a catastrophe.

His foreign policy has been a disaster.  It was a disaster in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is taking back over and their main opposition is ISIS.  It was a disaster in Libya, where he helped overthrow Qaddafi, and now has a much worse mess on his hands, especially with ISIS making widespread inroads. He has a disaster in Syria and Iraq, where ISIS has carved out a country larger than Italy.  And he has a disaster in Egypt, where he backed the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which swore to destroy Israel soon after it came into power. Now, he is winding down his final term in office…which is when presidents start worrying about their place in history.  Obama desperately needs this deal with Iran…as a “Nixon goes to China” moment…to try to salvage his reputation.

Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman remembers how Obama abandoned another key Mideast ally of America, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, as the Arab Spring tore Egypt apart.  So he knows he cannot possibly count on Obama to protect his kingdom.

Salman is also calling in favors from Pakistan.  The Saudis almost single-handedly bank-rolled Pakistan’s Islamic bomb development in the 1970s. The Pakistanis were so grateful they actually named a city after the reigning Saudi monarch (Faisalabad).

Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar have mountains of cash…and are scared to death of Iran. North Korea has nukes and missiles for sale, and is desperate for cash. Even Egypt.

Cold War between America and Soviet Russia was an excuse to fund military spending and expand the U.S. military industrial complex. Mideast nuclear arms race is vastly more dangerous.

Obama’s Nuclear Deal (aka Treaty) with Iran will be the biggest disaster in history. Czeschin Report)

Energy Puzzle™


GeoPolitical Political Conflict of Energy Worldwide


August 2015

Oil Down … Saudi Out

Changing Strategy of Oil Sources

Oil Industry Under Attack From Lies…Half Lies

Lower Oil Prices…For Who

Fewer and Fewer Reserves of Oil


July 2015

War Time-Bombs for the Oil Market

Oil Lies, Manipulations, Exaggerations…Swindle

Great Oil Lie… U.S. Oil Glut An EIA Invention

Tidal Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

Acre of Sun vs. Barrel of Oil…A Brilliant Analysis

Oil Jobs Losses Up…Oil Prices Down…Oil Bankruptcy’s Up

Enigma Report™


August 2015  

“Whatever you think, whatever you believe,
whatever your opinion, whatever you disagree, it pays to consider to be prepared.”
– Thomas Fletcher Grooms


Man Playing Chess Game







America has become a ‘Renter Nation’. That is the shocking news the Census Bureau confirmed, when it reported that the U.S. homeownership rate slumped to 63.4% in the second quarter. It is down from 63.7% from the first quarter of this year. It is far below the housing bubble peak of 69.2% in 2004. And it is the absolute worst reading going all the way back to 1967.

The following chart shows 48-year lows for the American Dream.

US Homeownership









But it is not like tens of millions of Americans are living in the streets. Instead, they have become renters – either by choice or necessity.

Much of this stems from tighter mortgage standards and low property valued appraisals. Since 2008 Appraisers have been grossly understating fair market values to keep their jobs and protect themselves from the Federal government new rules on mortgages. The homeowner that needs to re-finance and young adults and young families starting out cannot get a mortgage. They have to rent instead. It fills the apartments of landlords, makes young couples poorer, and another federal program to destroy the economy and support investors of Wall Street.

Getting a mortgage or home equity loan involves multiple credit checks over a period of weeks, huge amounts of additional income and asset verification headaches, higher credit scores, lower total debt-to-income ratios, below ‘fair market value’ appraisals by Appraisers, and depression type wages and low social security retirement income.

That is true even for well-qualified buyers and borrowers, not just those with credit blemishes.

Lackluster income growth is another problem, as is the fact many younger potential buyers have insufficient down payment funds and meager savings. Why…Many of them are burdened with high student debt loads, are underemployed based on their education levels, can only find 2-two 25-twenty-five hour work week jobs due to ObamaCare, make less pay than the traditional 40-forty hour work week, and have no hope for the future. That means first-time buyers are fewer and farther between.

The fact “jobs for life” are a distant memory. The problem is, all those forces are driving rents much higher.

(Wall Street Journal)


IRS Code…Who Wrote It…Who Has Read It…Who Is the Expert

IRS Pages of Tax Rules







This is fact supports the removal of the federal tax code and passage of the 10% Federal Sales Tax to replace this income of the federal government and present tax code. It has been recommended by some congressional legislators that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) be downsized to a manageable level and made a department of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for proper supervision.


Dollar Continues Decline Creating National Poverty

Value of Dollar Decline Since FED Created in 1913








Deflation Continues to Outpace Austerity (aka Poverty for People) Increasing Money Printing and Debt to Support Government Float of Prosperity (aka Luxury for Government Retirement and Lifestyles)









Chess One Down

Academy of Market Intelligence™ (AMI) … An American Creed


Dean Alfange

Dean Alfange

“I do not choose to be a common man.

It is my right to be uncommon if I can.

I seek opportunity not security.

I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.

I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.

I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia.

I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout.

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations, and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done.

All this is what it means to be an American.”


“Inflation”, Bernard Baruch wrote, “flows from the selfish struggle for special advantage among pressure groups. Each seeks tax cuts or price increases or wage raises for itself while urging the others to make the sacrifice, and with little regard for the national interest.”

“The man on the street…” declared Leonard Paul Spacek, “… has the right to assume that he can accept as accurate the fundamental end results shown by the financial statements in annual reports.”

“There must be no sharing of nuclear technology with allies…” advocated General Leslie R. Groves, “…even within the U.S. government; he zealously embargoed information from most agencies and departments, including the White House itself.”