The author of "Business Plan Outline ... Step-by-Step Way to Immediate Profit" (McGraw Hill), "Data Analysis For Managers" (Cengage), and contributor to many business text books and articles has finally released a comprehensive book on Market Intelligence. It is a must read for anyone in or wanting to be in a Leadership position.

Grooms (The Father of Market Intelligence) discovered and originated the concept of Market Intelligence. His comprehensive work over 26-years created an original idea for safety and security which also in its application watches the backs of Presidents of Countries and Presidents & CEOs of Corporations. Without a Market Intelligence Department, there continues to be present a Danger that has always existed unidentified ... until now.

All Corporate Executives, Heads-of-State and those in the intelligence community, military complex, and corporate governorship will find this invaluable and at times lifesaving.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Friday, June 16th at 11:30 a.m. Dallas Texas

Please join us at the DABE (Dallas Association Business Economists) June Luncheon to hear The Father of Market Intelligence and author of MARKET INTELLIGENCE … The Original Work; 512 pages, Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1540489821 and ISBN-10: 1540489825 (10 Dec 2016).

Tom discovered and originated the concept of Market Intelligence. He will be speaking to us about a brief overview of the most important concept of the twenty-first century. There are 17-Seventeen types of intelligence which fall within the sphere of market intelligence with Economic Intelligence being one of them that will be addressed. In his presentation, he will talk about who benefits, how it can be applied, its distinction to other types of information gathering, and what it might possibly mean to you.

Maggiano’s (please note we will begin eating at 11:45 am)
205 Northpark Center
Dallas, TX 75225

Please RSVP to this email ( or use our online event registration form ( by NOON on Wednesday, June 14th to confirm your attendance and the number and names of guests you will bring.

Please feel free to invite your colleagues, if they are interested in the topic. Guest fees are $35 and student guest fees are $20. Guest fees are payable to the ‘DFW Association for Business Economics’ and can be given to Treasurer at the meeting. Cash, check, or credit card. Book your Reservation Early … !

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Enigma Report™ – News and Commentary

Theft … The Number One Industry in the US

Top 5 Economies in the US 1) Theft 2) Debt 3) Industry Investments 4) Consumer Spending 5) Underground Exchange   Until 1963, it was believed that one could work hard, […]

1984 World in 2016

Career is now code for Work. Opportunity is now code for Problem. I Have Concerns is now code for attacking someone or something you do not like. Political Correctness is […]

Climate Change and Global Warming

Oceans contain 96% of the carbon dioxide. Government cannot control the ocean. However, poor language creates stress and causes misleading problems. What government has been saying about climate change and […]

Apologies Due from The Classroom

Since 1985 with the creation of the federal Department of Education, teachers and college professors have no option in assigning grades at the evaluated measurement level of student performance. Being […]

Teachers and Adjunct Professors Salary Problem

“It is the Teachers that determine the decline of an Empire, not the military.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms 70% of American workers are underpaid, including teachers that have to live […]

US Pension Funds Solvency Problem

The best solution to solve bankrupt government pension funds and municipalities non-recoverable unfunded liabilities pension retirement plans and tax burdens on young adults and seniors and all Americans … is moving […]

Social Security

Retirement for Seniors in the United States Problem Caused by Presidents Taking Money for Pet Projects from the Social Security Fund 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) and Congress Promised that […]

Quotes To Think About

“The worst thing you can do in life is trust the wrong person.” – Thomas Fletcher Grooms

Economic Front™ – Coverage of Economic Policy, Finance, Banking, and Monetary Policy

Economic Front™ – India

$8 Trillion Economy 1.3 Billion Population – 2nd Most Populated Country 25% Average Individual Savings Rate 7.56% to 7.9% GDP Growth Rate

Economic Front™ – United Kingdom

$5 Trillion Economy 65 Million Population 2.2% Average Individual Savings Rate Jobs 120,000 Loss in Oil & Gas Industry 2016 Firings of Employees continues … 1) Lloyds Banking Group: 8,230 […]

Economic Front™ – Europe

$16 Trillion Economy 738 Million Population 12% Average Individual Savings Rate 87 Distinctly Different Ethnic Groups 60 Different Languages Spoken (only way to have a single country is with a […]

Economic Front™ – Iran

$0.50 Trillion Economy 82 Million Population 47% Average Individual Savings Rate 3.2% to 5.8% GDP Growth Rate

Economic Front™ – Russia

$3 Trillion Economy 150 Million Population 25% Average Individual Savings Rate 25% Unemployment 23% GDP Growth Rate

Economic Front™ – China

October 1, 2016 The Chinese Yuan (renminbi) has joined the IMF reserve basket of currencies along with the United States USD (dollar), European EURO (euro), British Pound (sterling), and Japanese […]

Economic Front™ – World

$65 Trillion Economy 8 Billion Population 95% of World Individuals Poorer since 1963 70% of World Population in the Top 25 Advanced Countries have seen No Increase in Income since 2000 […]

Economic Front™ – United States

$18 Trillion Economy … World’s Second Largest GNP (Gross National Product – total economy with exports and imports) Economy since 2014 … Largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product – only domestic economy) […]

Economic Front™

End of 2016 The State of the Nation in the USA United States Economy is Worse than 1929-1939 New Soup Lines are 49% of the entire population on welfare and/or food […]

Doing Business In The World

Doing Business In: Russia-China-Iran

Doing Business in Russia – China – Iran A Cultural Understanding   Cross-cultural communication differences within Russia, China and Iran with an emphasis upon the role of social etiquette, symbolism […]

Doing Business In: Latin America

 Doing Business with Latin Americans   Latin America extends from Mexico to the tip of Cape Horn. There are 32 countries in Latin America. Arica, Chile an Atacama Desert mummy […]

Doing Business In: The United States

Doing Business in the United States   Ethnocentrism – Polycentrism – Regiocentrism – Geocentrism   The Four Philosophies of International Marketing Organizations  Ethnocentrism is a social concept that one’s own […]

Doing Business In: Asia

Doing Business with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) ASEAN was created in August 1967 and stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It includes 10 members…Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, […]

Doing Business In: Middle East

Doing Business with Middle Easterners   Arabia     Arab Muslim people • Islam religion Descendants of Ishmael (Arabs: outcasts, nomads, wanderers)   Palestinian Muslims who occupied Israel prior to 1947 […]

Doing Business In: Iran

Doing Business With Iran   Persia     Iraq – Iran to India Not descendants of Ishmael Not Arabs • nephew of Abraham In Persian, the word Iran means “Land […]

Doing Business In: Russia

Doing Business with Russians   Soviet influence in Middle East is widespread. Ezekiel, in Bible, warned the world of Russia’s interests in Middle East.  Why?  Nerve center of communications between […]

Doing Business In: Europe

Doing Business with Europeans     UN GATT Council of Ministers 1957 Treaty of Rome           •  EEC Hdqt. in Brussels, Belgium 1-1-92                                   •  EEC becomes the EC 10-1-94                                •  […]

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