Theft … The Number One Industry in the US

Top 5 Economies in the US

1) Theft

2) Debt

3) Industry Investments

4) Consumer Spending

5) Underground Exchange


Until 1963, it was believed that one could work hard, perform productively, and rise to the top and retire with the same life style as when working. Since 1963, the working middle class has found things differently.

In 2017, the realization is that it does not make any difference about productivity, contribution, or being rewarded for performance. The easiest way to riches is not to work, not be a contributor, and not be productive. The rich class bribes the poor class to stay poor and the middle class has dissolved returning to the start cycle of America, non-existent.

If you have a Mortgage … You are Not Middle Class

If you have a Car Note … You are Not Middle Class

If you Cannot Pay Cash, Have Carry Over Credit Charges, Holding Debt … You are Not Middle Class

If you have an IRA, ROTH, 403b, Corporate Retirement Account, College Savings Plaans … You are Not Middle Class

If you have a Mutual Fund, Stocks, Bonds, Holding Non-Income Real Estate … You are Not Middle Class

If you have to have Insurance … You are Not Middle Class

With no incentives left, the record of declining productivity in America since 1963, speaks volumes. One can live better off not working as part of the poor class or being part of the leisure class. Americans see the reality of where the money is going. So, why should someone bother to care, work themselves into poor health, or an early death … for what.

With organized communities taking instruction from those and sabotaging what is good that works, is leaving a legacy of downfalls. Embracing what one does not fully understand, destroys a viable system. It all leads to a nation of lawlessness.

Education used to be considered a threat in countries. Now it seems that a lack of education is a threat in countries. Threat or no threat, a nation nor its institutions can stand in a climate of distrust.


Peabody Coal Escapes SEC and FBI

Peabody Coal Company takes the stockholder’s money and continues in business …

Peabody Coal (BTUUQ) filed a Bankruptcy reorganization plan (docket 1280) 22 December 2016 that gives NO RECOVERY to SHAREHOLDERS and NO RECOVERY for CONVERTIBLE BOND HOLDERS. Intent of the law to defraud no longer applies in America to Stockholders and Bondholders. There were NO EXHIBITS regarding financials to GIVE NOTICE to Stockholders and Bondholders. So neither SHAREHOLDERS and CONVERTIBLE BOND HOLDERS are entitled to any recovery, according to the company.

There were no surprises when the gavel went down in the court of Judge Schurmer on March 16, 2017 in Federal Court in St. Louis. The Peabody Coal (BTUUQ) reorganization plan was approved. Generations of bankruptcy laws were essentially rewritten by the judge who confirmed a plan that violates many of them including 11 U.S.C §1123(a)(4). It requires the same treatment for each claim or interest of a particular class. In the Peabody Energy case, holders of claims in the same class receive demonstrably different consideration depending on whether they are plan proponents and whether and when they agreed to vote irrevocably in favor of the plan.

OFFICERS, BOARD MEMBERS, and EXECUTIVES are getting 10% of the new equity.

IN as Peabody Coal (BTUUQ) and OUT as Peabody Energy (BTU) as a New Born Bay with No Stockholders and Bondholders … continuing in business as if nothing ever happened.


Immediately, upon President Trump’s removal of the sanctions on the coal industry, Peabody Coal Company filed to emerge from Bankruptcy and …

1) Discharged ALL COMMON STOCK HOLDERS keeping their Investment in the company

2) Changed their name to Peabody Energy

3) Continue in business as if nothing ever happened.

Such LOYALTY to STOCKHOLDERS should not go unrecognized. Such an Artful exhibition of the Art of Business in America today has become a Common Practice since 9 November 1989. I am sure their Mother’s would be proud.


What it means — Maybe President Trump should consider the effects of the lifting the sanctions on the coal industry or preferably its Stockholders and Bondholders …


To put this in perspective, to the Peabody Coal Company … America says …



Peabody Coal (BTUUQ) (aka Peabody Energy BTU) joins the ranks of …

Uranium One (SXRZF)

Abakan (ABKI)

Oilsands Quest (BQI)

Linc Energy (LNCDG)

Republic Bank (FRC)

US Government (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)


Federal Government (Washington) took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage companies in September 2008, nine days before Lehman Brothers failed, spending more than $187 billion bailing them out.

For decades, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were among the biggest disasters of the financial crisis into the billions. Washington Lawmakers (aka Congress) vowed to overhaul the companies and some planned to wind them down completely. But more than eight years later, they are still guaranteeing payment on just under half of all U.S. mortgages, up 38 percent before the crisis.

There is one key difference …


NO PROFITS to COMMON STOCKHOLDERS and PREFERRED STOCKHOLDERS because of the changes the Barack Obama Administration made to the bailout terms in 2012.


How to Make Money in Stocks and Real Estate


1-First Insider Information … is legislated as being illegal; however, it is no different than a Company taking the Stockholders Money and continuing in business as if they never existed … as this practice allows the inside players to know ahead of time whether to buy a company at a deep discount if they are in planned bankruptcy temporarily to remove ALL Stockholders and come out smelling like a New Born Baby. Those with Insider Information know ahead of time to wait until the company exits and play innocent. Without Insider Information Stockholder Investors are Playing a Fool’s Game of Blind Roulette. Without Insider Information … you do not have a fair chance to compete and are investing in the Blind. The level playing field is Insider Information. With Insider Information, you still have only a 50% chance of making a profit and not losing all your investment.


2-Second Unlimited Money … is necessary to force prices Up or Down in the market … and … this requires an Unlimited Line of Credit as the Investor with the Most Money Wins and takes ALL the other player’s money. Sort of like playing poker, but you do not have any chips. The one with the most money does not gamble as their Victory is secure. The competition is squeezed into submission. The one with the most money walks away with all the profit.


3-Three Political Insider … is a must to know what is going on before it happens. The Direction of Taxpayer Money Flows is Big Game to be captured … it is to disappear without a trace or back-draft. It is easy to take something not earned and not of your own.


What it means — Caveat Emptor … only buy stocks or real estate knowing you will not come out ahead.

What it really means — Save and Hold Cash … Own your Home Debt-free … Own your Car Debt-free … Save and Hold Cash for Retirement … stay away from Institutions for even retirement accounts (Company Trusts, IRAs, 401Ks, 403bs) unless you know you are sure to Win … You are Never Sure to Win, so look out.