Emblem of Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence began in England at Henley Management College on the Thames in the fall of 1991. Its deep theoretical principles and intertwining applications make it the most important concept of the twentieth century. Many of the issues which exist would never have occurred had there been a market intelligence department and operations in place. It is a wide in scope beyond its reading of financial markets, marketing products and trade, business operations, creating jobs and entrepreneurial activities. Its threads extend from the highest levels of government and corporate governance to the future of space interstellar and extraterrestrial travel and exploration. Market intelligence provides a bastion for presidents of countries, presidents of companies, intelligence community, and ventures throughout the universe. The foundation is explained and laid out in “Market Intelligence … The Original Work”.

In order for Market Intelligence to work effectively, it must supersede all other types and sources of intelligence. It is the most complete intelligence system ever conceived that elaborately ties together all intelligence collecting and reporting for verification as to its accuracy and reliability and value. It is used for strategic, tactical and counter-intelligence decision-making.