Market Intelligence … The Original Work      (Nonfiction History)

Tom Grooms, the Father of Market Intelligence, discovered the term market intelligence and spent twenty-six years developing the concept. In this master first work on market intelligence, he defines and explains the 18 key types of business intelligence. In this theoretical work is a complex composite of theory and a new body of knowledge on National Security, Danger to Corporations, Security in Outer Space, History of the Spy in the most complete writing on spies ever written, and Market Intelligence. This book has been defined best by others as Timeless.

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Lessons of leadership

18 Types of Business Intelligence

  1. National Security
  2. Danger to Corporations
  3. Security in Outer Space
  4. History of the Spy … Chapter 2 is the most complete writing on spies ever written.
  5. Market Intelligence

Theoretical work – Complex composite of theory

#1 National Security

Solutions for intelligence leaks and breaches of security based on 26 years of quantitative, qualitative, empirical work solves the most important problem facing every President of every County. 

#2 Danger to Corporations
Fixing the problem of the Void (loss of control) and Vulnerability (poor intelligence) that threatens every President of every Corporation protecting against all perils.

#3 Security in Outer SpaceMarket Intelligence will lead the intelligence services into interstellar space travel.  Solving the new security issues of outer space travel and exploration originates with market intelligence which specifically addresses security threats outside earth and interplanetary travel.

#4 History of the Spy

SPIES … Chapter 2 list the first spy in history to the present with dates, code names, intelligence agencies. It is the most complete history of the Spy ever written. You will not find in any book, anywhere, what you will read here. There has never been anything published with this information. 

Spying, the most lethal weapon in history, to protect against the most active acquisition of secrets must be understood by reading the most complete and comprehensive writing ever composed on the second oldest profession.

#5 Market Intelligence 
How to create, structure, implement market intelligence; who benefits; why it is essential; market intelligence model; double helix of market intelligence; its application on performance improvement, operational excellence, and quality of intelligence; all this and more, much, much more, being the very small tip of this enormous iceberg.

What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is the highest level of intelligence and supersedes all other types and sources. It is the most complete intelligence system that elaborately ties together all intelligence collecting and reporting for verification as to its accuracy and reliability and value. It is used for strategic, tactical and counter-intelligence decision-making. ~tfg

Who Should Read This Book …

Intelligence Analysts … This book is the Intelligent Analyst base of study for colleges and agencies offering training and degrees in intelligence and security. It provides what one needs to know working in government and corporation.

Intelligence Community

Military Academies

Officer Candidate Schools

Heads-of-State and Presidents of Countries

Presidents and CEOs of Corporations

Corporate Governorship

Senior and Middle Level Executives

Marketing Majors

Management Majors

Graduate Leadership Studies


Thomas ‘Tom’ Fletcher Grooms, commentator with unparalleled expertise on Russia and China, world affairs and international business, earned both JD and multiple PhDs. Former full professor, corporate executive, and US House Page. Taught the first international business course in Texas, helped with the accreditation of the first international business degree in Texas, and created the first international business card in the world. Full-time international author and active in his own family business.

Founder of The Academy of Market Intelligence.


International Author of the Market Intelligence Series.

Author of GELS – Grooms Executive Leadership Series.

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