Book 2: The Collapse of Russia

Untold story of first-hand events and what it was like in Russia when business and the country came to a standstill … time stopped … a story that needed to be told and more importantly … remembered.

This is a first-hand account of the greatest tragedy in Russian history not told outside of Russia. This book serves as a valuable reference and historical record of Russia in 1998 during a period of financial turbulence, market collapse, and economic depression. The country, the government, and its people were at risk, high risk. As you read and explore Russia through a sweeping picture timepiece anthology, you will see firsthand what it was really like inside the Russian Empire. I know, as I was there.”

Amazon Book $9.98 |              Kindle eBook $2.99 |            ISBN: 978-1977-59689-5 Nonfiction                                  Book with Color Pictures $34.98 | Tom Grooms, commentator with unparalleled expertise on world affairs and international business, earned both JD and multiple PhDs. He was a former laborer, entrepreneur, full professor, corporate executive, United States Congress House Page. Tom discovered market intelligence and founded the Academy of Market Intelligence. He is a full-time author in Denison Texas. Tom is the author of MKI – Market Intelligence Series and the GELS – Grooms Executive Leadership Series.