Book 2: The Collapse of Russia #1

The Collapse of Russia … A Time to Remember    (Nonfiction History)

This is the first book written and published on the collapse of Russia. A first-hand account by the author who was there at the depth of the collapse in 1998. Tom gives descriptive details of what actually happened during one of the most tragic periods in Russia’s history. Business came to a standstill. In this book Tom writes about how business operated during this period. He explains how society transitioned to survive before and during incredible conditions. It is a story few know. Its significance has been withheld from the world. It is a story that needed to be told, and more importantly read and … remembered.

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I Know … I Was There

Depression … it was like 1929 and World War Two all rolled into one.

Survival … you can experience for yourself the transformation of society and the most catastrophic loss of life in Russia history.

Business … learn how the population created cash to buy food, thus desperation became the mother of invention.

History … lovers of history will find this the most complete history of Russia before and during its collapse.

Teachers … those who teach will find this a simplified supplemental text.

Students … who want to learn more about Russia, as it takes you to Russia.

First Americans in 6 Closed Military Cities which were research centers and designed for military operations.

This was significant as to how Russia secured and protected its military secrets during the Cold War. 

The cities we visited were …

1) Orekhovo-Zuyevo

2) Reutov

3) Solnechnogorsk

4) Serpukhov

5) Yubileyny

6) Balashikha

Who Should Read This Book …

State Departments and Ambassadors of Diplomacy

Senior and Middle Level Executives

Intelligence Community

Military and Academies

Marketing Majors

Students of History at Universities

First-hand account of events and what it was like in Russia during the collapse is a story that needed to be told, and more importantly … remembered.

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