Book 3: My Mission in Russia

Tom was one of the main architects to replacing Russia’s business incubator program for job creation and sharing a blueprint for development of an entrepreneurial capitalistic program that spurred the development of small business startups, and secrets of how to restart a national economy and industrial base to prevent a country collapse.

One might argue that the collapse of Russia was caused by technology. By big budget deficits. By large companies being fed extravagant revenue with overrunning cost expenditures. By financial losses. By delayed results. By excess. By chasing rainbows. By wanting to be the winner. In other words, government manipulation brought down its own nation. This book serves as a manual of the secrets for the recovery of a national economy and its industrial base. This will bring back loyalty of people and respect for its government. Even in the harshest of circumstances.”

Amazon Book $9.98 |              Kindle eBook $2.99 |            ISBN: 978-1081-50311-6 Nonfiction                                  Book with Color Pictures $34.98 | Tom Grooms, commentator with unparalleled expertise on world affairs and international business, earned both JD and multiple PhDs. He was a former laborer, entrepreneur, full professor, corporate executive, United States Congress House Page. Tom discovered market intelligence and founded the Academy of Market Intelligence. He is a full-time author in Denison Texas. Tom is the author of MKI – Market Intelligence Series and the GELS – Grooms Executive Leadership Series.