Book 3: My Mission in Russia #2

***** Texas Association of Authors 2019 Award for Best Historical Non-Fiction Book *****

My Mission in Russia … Business Incubators, Tactics and Lessons    (Nonfiction Business)

My Mission in Russia is the untold story of what happened during the worse economic collapse in the history of Russia.

In 1998 Tom was asked to be on the five person team sent by Washington to Russia.

This business masterpiece of what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again … should never be forgotten.

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His primary charge was to help implement a reproduction of the diplomatic edition of the American incubator program, teach special skills and knowledge in the development of entrepreneurial small businesses and startups, and share secrets of how to restart a national economy and industrial base and prevent a country collapse.

The lessons Tom taught in his seminars originated from his entrepreneurial business book that he gave as a gift which was translated into Russian. Now you can know what some of those secrets are to becoming a millionaire. He details in this book how Russia’s businesses operated.

He was one of the main architects to replacing Russia’s business incubator program for job creation and sharing a blueprint for development of a capitalistic economic system.

His experience in the classroom helped bring clarity to the guidelines he presented on how to run a successful business incubator program and how to effectively support new business startups.

Dr Tom Grooms commentator with unparalleled expertise on world affairs and international business earned both JD and multiple PhDs. Former full professor, corporate executive, and United States Congress House Page. Taught the first international business course in Texas, helped with the accreditation of the first international business degree in Texas, created the first international business card in the world.