Book 3: My Mission in Russia #2

My Mission in Russia … Business Incubators, Tactics and Lessons    (Nonfiction Business)

Tom Grooms talks about his mission including how to restart a national economy and secrets of how to prevent a country collapse. Short-term Russia needed jobs. Long-term Russia needed economic security.

The lessons Tom taught in his seminars originated from his entrepreneurial business book that he gave as a gift which was translated into Russian. Now you can know what some of those secrets are. All of which are detailed in this book including how Russia’s businesses operated.

This second book in the series is a business masterpiece of what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. While hundreds of books have been written on business, Grooms feels this particular book will go down in history as one of the more pragmatic books on business that has ever been written.

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He was one of the main architects to replacing Russia’s business incubator program for job creation and sharing a blueprint for development of a capitalistic economic system.

His experience in the classroom helped bring clarity to the guidelines he presented on how to run a successful business incubator program and how to effectively support new business startups.

It starts with my Business Master Plan and Country Master Plan

  1. How to create jobs.
  2. How to create a new business.
  3. How to implement the world’s best business incubator program.
  4. How to restart a national economy and its industrial base.
  5. How to prevent a country collapse.

What you will learn …

~ You will learn how communism and socialism transitioned to capitalism.

~ You will read about how business was done in Russia during this era.

~ You will discover how the Russian military adapted to the collapse.

~ What did Russia do?

Business Incubator … do you really know what a business incubator is? Many think they do. They are wrong.

Government Business Incubator Framework … what do you understand about how business incubators are structured and operate? This book sets forth the precise construction of how to exactly align an existing business incubator from one that is not properly structured and not successful.

Government Business Incubator Funding … learn how to correctly align an existing business incubator program or start a new business incubator for a government entity and for private fund investors. 

Value of Business Incubator … those interested in knowing what a business incubator is all about will want to read this book. There are very few correct existing business incubators operating in the world … successfully. This was the reason we were invited to Russia.

Who should read this book …

Business Incubator Programs


Business Startups

Existing Business Owners

Marketing in Russia

Teachers of Leadership, Marketing, Management, Strategy, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, History, Political   Science, Intelligence, Russian Studies

Countries Managing National Debt

Countries Managing a National Economy

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