Book 4: Eye on Russia #3

Russia Book 3

This book is about my personal experiences in Russia and how to build relations and do business today in Russia.

It starts with revival of the Russian Orthodox Church and concludes with the role of Russia in world affairs.

  1. Understand essential knowledge for doing business inside Russia and conducting diplomacy.
  2. Learn how the distribution of power within the framework of Russian society works.
  3. Uncover the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, its return to grace, and influence on the government of Russia.
  4. Discover why Russia has a world-class education.
  5. You will see Russian art at its finest and learn about the distinguished Golden Pen of Russia.

In the climax of this three-book series you will read the inspiring conclusion in the Letter to Russia.

This 3 book series on Russia will be followed by my next book on China at a later date after my new business book is published.

Thomas ‘Tom’ Fletcher Grooms, commentator with unparalleled expertise on Russia and China, world affairs and international business, earned both JD and multiple PhDs. Former full professor, corporate executive, and US House Page. Taught the first international business course in Texas, helped with the accreditation of the first international business degree in Texas, and created the first international business card in the world. Full-time international author and active in his own family business.

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