Book 6: Money Business – Publish at Later Date

MoneyMoneyMoney. The only book that tells you how to make money.

Learn more about business than you would ever learn with a bachelor – master – doctorate degree.

This book is about money. How to make money. It shares experiences of those who have started with nothing, such as your author. From nothing to wealth. From nothing to rich. From nothing to success.”

Your understanding of business and how money is really made will be changed forever.


Amazon Book $9.98 |              Kindle eBook $2.99 |            ISBN: 978-1724-67238-4 Nonfiction ( Do not buy this and Starting a Business in 20 Days ) | Tom Grooms, commentator with unparalleled expertise on world affairs and international business, earned both JD and multiple PhDs. He was a former laborer, entrepreneur, full professor, corporate executive, United States Congress House Page. Tom discovered market intelligence and founded the Academy of Market Intelligence. He is a full-time author in Denison Texas. Tom is the author of MKI – Market Intelligence Series and the GELS – Grooms Executive Leadership Series.