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I paint with my words ... the Future and Unexpected

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Body Building Your Business

Entrepreneur Tom Grooms brings to Small Business

✧ Cardio 101 ... How to Startup a Business in 20 Days Without Money

✧ Tai Chi … How to Get the Flow of Money Going

✧ Circuit Training … How to Make Money in a Small Business

✧ Stretches … How to Attract New Customers and Grow the Money of the Business

✧ Power Lifts … Having Money for Your Legacy and Success


Prof. Dr. Tom Grooms brings to Large Organizations

✧ Yoga ... How to Make Money as an Employee

✧ Barbell Presses … Professional Development for Promotion and More Money

✧ Barre … Terrorism and the Global Economy for Safety and Security

✧ Planking … How History Pays the Bills and Can Make You Rich

✧ Power Walking … Future of Jobs and Unexpected Income


Previous Speech Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Money
  • Marketing, Management, Economics
  • International Marketing Penetration in Global Markets
  • World Culture and Customs
  • Global Initiatives in Management
  • Manufacturing, Logistics, eCommerce, Quality
  • Economic Cycles
  • Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy
  • World Markets
  • Business Tactics and Lessons
  • Business Law
  • International Law
  • Insurance CLU CPCU
  • Real Estate CEU
  • Telecommuting
  • Leadership of the Non-Executive
  • The Virtual 500 Company
  • Performance, Productivity and Profits
  • Market Intelligence
  • 17 Types of Business Intelligence
  • Understanding World Markets Through Political Relationships
  • Future Global Marketing and Business Economic Trends
  • Russia
  • China
  • Latin America
  • Foreign Cultures
  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • Cultural Diplomacy at Home and Abroad for the Busy Executive
  • Security from the Void and Vulnerability of Presidents of Countries and Presidents of Corporations
  • Setting up Corporate and International Research Departments
  • Adjusting to the Current Condition
  • Improve Participation in Local Communities
  • Working for Governments


Changing Lives Across Borders

✧ NSA – National Speakers Association, North Texas Member Candidate

✧ DABE – Dallas Association Business Economists

✧ Full Professor – Marketing – Undergraduate Graduate & Doctoral

✧ Full Professor – International Business – Undergraduate Graduate & Doctoral

✧ Founder – The Academy of Market Intelligence

✧ Author – MKI – Market Intelligence Series

✧ Author – GELS – Grooms Executive Leadership Series


Dr Tom Grooms commentator with unparalleled expertise on world affairs and international business earned both JD and multiple PhDs. Former full professor, corporate executive, and United States Congress House Page. Taught the first international business course in Texas, helped with the accreditation of the first international business degree in Texas, created the first international business card in the world.

Tom lives in the great state of Texas with his wife and makes his home in Denison. He is a full-time author and cosmopolitan of the world who enjoys long walks and reading and international travel.


Tom speaks to small business groups and organizations, large corporations, government agencies, civic clubs, charity fundraisers, and events about ... Tom Writes in his Books and Speaks on what is Not Being Talked About on TV and Radio …

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$50 Local Civic Clubs (plus expenses if overnight stay necessary)

$25,000 US Canada Mexico Latin South America

$50,000 International Centers

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