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Detection – Vigilance – Mitigation

The Academy of Market Intelligence™, otherwise known as AMI, is the World’s oldest organization of learning on market intelligence, founded on December 23, 1997 by Thomas Fletcher Grooms.

Dr. Grooms was the first to discover the term market Intelligence and thus since 1991 developing the words into a first world known concept recognized with markets and praxeology, analytics and futurology, and business science application.

The Academy of Market Intelligence is a rich think-reservoir Research-Driven Learning™ Organization whose purpose is to promote a scholarly forum for the business, government and academic community on the understanding and value of market intelligence.

Our mission, to advance new ideas and promote enduring knowledge, has kept the organization vibrant and young.  We strive to create a literate environment in which outstanding thinkers and scholars are encouraged to continuous learning in a worldwide sharing of scholarly analyses, which encompass the animate and inanimate, intrinsic and extrinsic, tangible and intangible principles of market intelligence.

The purpose of this site is to offer a continuation and broadening reference as

#1 To establish understanding of what market intelligence really is

#2 To contribute to the scholarly examination on the value of market intelligence and

#3 To enrich a forum for the business, government, and academic community and help them to become more informed participants who have a desire to learn the meaning and application of market intelligence.

Market Intelligence is what makes intelligence – intelligence. – Thomas Fletcher Grooms




School of Economics and Management

Head – MBA Programs

Ruppin Academic Center

Professor Emeritus

Bar-Ilan University

Graduate School of Business


Professor Eugene D. Jaffe, Wharton Ph.D. and B.S. (Econ) and M.B.A. in International Business from Graduate School of business at New York University, was most influential in guidance that directed my attention to a word that had appeared only seven times in published literature worldwide.  Professor Jaffe authored “Multinational Marketing Intelligence: An Information Requirements Model” in 1979 for Management International Review.  This work defined founding principles, which preceded the idea for the birth of Market Intelligence.

Dr. Jaffe was the Conference Chairperson for the 24th Annual European International Business Academy in 1998.  He has authored and edited six books, 90 refereed publications and conference proceedings in major journals.  Jaffe is recognized worldwide for his work in the field of marketing intelligence. Dr. Jaffe’s support, encouragement, and guidance over the years was instrumental in the accomplishment of this work from the vague to the lucid.

Eugene, thank you.


HealthLink Initiative

Author of the newly published book “Detox While You Eat”.

Dr. Jacqueline Grooms, Parker University D.C., was instrumental in the initial years contributing research, writing, and editorial support for AMI publications and web design.  She has spent years in corporate competitive intelligence (CI) in the United States and Europe for Fortune 500 company providing research, strategic planning, and developing a multinational CI organization based in Paris France.

Dr. Grooms is world traveled with her medical practice and non-profit interests in Texas.  She is the President of HealthLink Initiative, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing assistance to impoverished families needing health care assistance.

Dr. Grooms is a graduate of The Hockaday School and Valedictorian of her undergraduate class at Northwood University.

Thank you Dr. Grooms for your valuable contributions and support in this endeavor. There are no words enough to say thank you for your all you have done.

Todd Wieland, Thunderbird M.B.A., support over the years with web creativity and original design masterpieces has brought AMI to the forefront of leading academic and research institutions and organizations.  Todd’s brilliance is only surpassed by his compassion to help others succeed.

As an education entrepreneur dedicated to reshaping lifelong learning around the realities of the Information Age, Todd creates education systems that help organizations and institutions thrive and individuals learn in the Learning Age.  His success over the years is credited with the latest learning applications for games, social technology, mobile platforms, and emerging technical and delivery options from highly creative and original learning program design; accelerated learning for science and technology; and, effective nontraditional learning systems.

Todd is a graduate of distinguished Thunderbird Garvin School of International Management and undergraduate studies at Northwood University.

Thank you Todd for your valuable support and contributions over the years.  You are truly deserving and I am very fortunate for all you have done out of generosity.